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Meet The Chef

I grew up in a home where authentic Mexican cuisine was a staple, weaving itself into the core of my upbringing. My mother instilled not only a love of food in me by introducing me to the delicious and traditional flavors, but also took the time to teach me about ingredients and how to follow, and then expand, on her instructions. She shared her passion, techniques as well as her recipes. I now bring the authenticity of these homemade flavors to you.  Growing up in Southern California also exposed me to different cuisines and cultures, which has left me fortunate enough to be able to incorporate these flavors into my cooking style when accommodating different dietary requests. 

Tel: 714- 926-5175    

Email: citrusmarmaladecatering@gmail.com




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Absolutely loved it.

Amazing food and great energy.

Amy and Ryan Eley

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Tel: 714-926-5175  |  Email: citrusmarmaladecatering@gmail.com


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